A multipurpose standing aid for rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal deterioration
The AIDFLEX- X3 Stander
The AIDFLEX- X3 stander allows the user to rise directly from a wheelchair or a bed on their own.
Effective Rehabilitation
The side levers gently lift the patient to a standing position with the help of the soft strap wrapped around the body just under the pelvis.
The stander has a unique construction. The side levers gently lift the patient to a standing position with the help of the soft strap wrapped around the body just under the pelvis. Near the end of the motion, the levers pull the pelvis forward to take stress off the knees. The hand grips on the side levers allow the user to control his or her position while being lifted to stand.
Advantages of the AIDFLEX X3
The AIDFLEX-X3 stander helps the user to stand up directly from his or her wheelchair or bed without having to sit on another surface in the process.
The footrests can be quickly tilted to conform
to the user's individual foot type.
Specialized, high-durability
3D frame design
The combination of triangles formed by the frame's
bars make the machine sturdier and more durable.
Adjustable lifting strap
The strap safely keeps the user in a vertical position. The strap's tension is adjustable even when the user is standing, ensuring comfort and ease of use.
The footrests
are easily adjusted
Comfortable hand grips. They enable the user to safely perform exercises in a standing position while balancing him/herself. Self-balancing helps strengthen various muscle groups.
Adjustable handrails
on the table surface
Restoration of the static vertical position pattern and orthostatic reactions.
Activates a series of biologically important reflexes
Why is standing up important?
Standing up on a daily basis helps improve the following:
and coordination
Digestive tract and bladder functioning
Exercising in one's natural standing position activates muscles that help to stand straight.
Standing upright aids gastric peristalsis, as well as kidney and bladder function.
Standing upright stimulates the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. This helps prevent congestion and stagnation.
The performance of both cardiovascular and respiratory systems
Prevention of osteoporosis and various deformities
Axial loads on the locomotorium help strengthen the piezoelectric charge on the bone tissue. This protects bones from osteoclasts that destroy bones, and strengthens the bones through osteoblasts, thereby preventing osteoporosis.
It takes only three simple steps to stand up
Place your feet on the footrests
The footrests and knee rests can be adjusted in 3 different planes.
Place the lifting strap underneath your pelvis
The lifting strap allows the user to assume a standing position directly from wherever he or she may be sitting.
Start the lifting
The AidFlex X3 has an electromechanical mechanism which also safely lowers the user down.
User weight
170 mm (6.7")
Depth adjustment
150 kg (330 lbs)
User height
150 - 200 cm (59"-78")
Depth adjustment
chest stop
250 mm (9.8")
Size of each
120х310 mm (4.7"x12.2")
Aisle width
for wheelchairs
1000 mm (39.3")
Base unit weight
73 kg (160 lbs)
Min. occupied area
700х1150 mm (27.6"x45.3")
Min. occupied area
1000х1150 mm (39.4"x45.3")
Width between the levers
600 mm (23.7")
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A physical rehabilitation system for patiens with movement disorders of the lower limbs
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