Antigravity arm support with a full range of motion
Antigravity system
Designed for individuals who need arm support during regular activities. The antigravity system bears the extended arm's weight, allowing the user to do delicate work for a long time.
Effective rehabilitation
The antigravity effect is controlled by small frequency signals. This makes the machine well-suited for patients with upper limb problems.
Advantages of the AIDFLEX G9
The small-frequency adjustment of the anti-gravity effect is ideal for users with upper limb motor disorders.
Activates the areas of the motor cortex responsible for complex muscle twitch sequences.
Natural freedom of movement
Effective rehabilitation
for users with long-term disorders of the upper limbs
Lightens muscle load
Sustains joint mobility
Takes weight off the neck and shoulders. An indispensable device for those who work with their arm extended for prolonged amounts of time.
Systematic movements guard against deformities and accompanying diseases.
The dynamic unloading force assists the arm in developing its own movements. The arm's coordination and precision will improve over time.
Development of unassisted movements
Stable support
The specialized weight-bearing mechanism provides level support for the arm as it moves around. This helps the user make precise, accurate movements.
Exercising in a relaxed environment motivates the user to actively participate in the rehabilitation program.
Hastens the rehabilitation
The easily adjustable height setting allows the user to use the machine while standing or sitting.
Adjust the machine's
Start using the machine in three simple steps:
The armrest has a soft cuff, which gently secures the forearm in the chosen position.
Secure your arm
on the armrest
The rotating knob allows to adjust the level of support for the arm.
Choose support
Compensation force
± 200 mm
Vertical range of motion
2 - 6 kg (4.4 - 13.2 lbs)
Move horizontally
150 - 950 mm (5.9"-37.4")
Suitable for seated use
Hand stabilizer
Suitable for standing use
Net weight
14 kg (31 lbs)
Min. occupied area
730х315х200 mm (28.8"x12.5"x7.9")
Max. occupied area
1300х315х120 mm (51.2"x12.5"x4.8")
Height min. - max.
1000 - 1500 mm (39.4"-59")
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A physical rehabilitation system for patiens with movement disorders of the upper limbs
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