About company
Our Company started a few years ago when specialists in the area of Medicine, engineering and business got together and decided to create REAFIT, a company specialized in a wide range of rehabilitation equipment and assistive devices.
Yuri's experience and knowledge was crucial to understand the areas of Rehabilitation that require our attention, Alexandr engineering skills gave us the how, how to materialize Yuri's Ideas in Medical equipment and finally Jaime using his business experience bring us to the Market.
REAFIT LTD, 249034,
51 Marksa st, Unit 27, Obninsk Russia,
js@aidflex.ru, tel +7 (495) 786 06 23
Alexander Ivanov
CTO. Development engineer
Experience creation and successful conclusion to
Russian market of new products.
Equipment designer AIDFLEX
Yury Belykh
CEO. PT, LMT, neurokinesiology specialist.
He has been working with neurological patients for more than 15 years. Expert in movement disorders. The author of the methodic «Aidflex Therapy»
Jaime Gomez MIB
Lawyer with Master in Business, with more than 10 years of international work experience in the fields of Marketing, Expansion, International Business Development and Logistics.
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